Friday 1-29-2016



Guess what I did yesterday? I TRAINED.

I suck at sumo deadlift.  So I did Sumo Deadlift.

I suck at pull-ups. So I did pull-ups.

I suck at Toes to Bar. So I did toes to bar.

I suck at free standing handstands…. yep practiced those too…


You can’t get better at “x” by avoiding “x”. It doesn’t matter if you know what the workout is or not.  Every one of them is going to have some suck to them. Change happens when you are uncomfortable.

Don’t avoid the WODs that look hard, or have a movement you don’t like or aren’t very good with. Sign up and get in the gym. CrossFit gives you General Physical Preparedness, (GPP). It prepares you for the known AND UNKNOWN.  Show up and prove to yourself that you can do it.

Sarah came on Tuesday. Yes to “that WOD”. She truly was amazing to watch. She got in that very dark place 15.5 will put you in. I witnessed her hold on and push herself when she didn’t think she could. Still makes me teary eyed. Did that WOD suck. Yep. Did she want to do it? Nope. But she showed up and PROVED to herself that she could, I and know she walked out stronger both physically and mentally that day.

Some days the WODs will be posted, some not. Don’t let that be the deciding factor whether or not to TRAIN. We will always modify and scale appropriately.  We will also push you when appropriate as well.

Julie Egbert

5608 Yukon St, Arvada, Arvada, CO,